How To Play Hyperoids

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When playing Hyperoids, use your mouse cursor to both aim your ship, and your ship's weapons. Clicking on the left mouse button will fire your ship's weapon. The further away from the center of the screen you put your mouse cursor, the faster your space ship will move. Your space ship will always move in the direction of your mouse cursor. To stop your ship, move the mouse cursor to the center of the screen.

The ships's status is located in the upper left corner of your game screen. It starts out as a green silhouette of your space ship. As your space ship takes damage it this indicator changes from green to red.

The Minimap is located in the upper right corner of the game screen. In the Minimap, the player's ship location is indicated by a green '+' sign. Asteroids are indicated by gray dots, enemies by red dots, and the power up is indicated by a gold dot.

The Options menu button is located at the bottom right of the screen. This menu pauses the game play and allows the player to adjust the music and sound volume of the game.

Tutorial 1

Asteroids appear on your Minimap screen as gray dots. Large asteroids may take sever hits with your weapon to destroy. When larger asteroids are destroyed, they break apart into smaller asteroid bits. If your ship runs into an asteroid, it damages your ship. The larger the asteroid, the more damage it does.

Tutorial Asteroid

Enemy ships are shown on the Minimap as red dots. Enemy ships charge your space ship and fire at them. You do not need to destory enemy ships to pass a level, but sometime it is better to get rid of them early.

Tutorial Enemy

Power Ups look like gold spheres with a purple 'P' on it. They appear in the Minimap as gold dots. When you pick up a power up, it increases the shooting rate of your weapon.

Tutorial Power Up

The Game Menu opens when the player clicks the 'Options' button at the bottom right of the game screen. It allows the player to adjust the sound effect and music volumes, and put the game in full screen mode.

Tutorial Game Menu

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